Four weeks ago I welcomed my 4th child.  I have one in school but the others are home with me all day.  As you can imagine it is always busy around my house. I could spend half my day just picking up after the kids,  then add in helping with homework and taking the boys to karate and I have a full schedule.  Many people have asked me how I find the time to keep up with my exercise routine.  It is actually really simple.  I work out at home.  I choose to work out in the morning because  it just helps me jumps start my day.  I came up with the plan to put on my workout clothes as soon as I wake up.  That way after I take my oldest son to the bus stop I go back inside and immediately begin my workout.  That way there are no excuses.  Where are the other kids you might ask.  Most days the try to work out with me. They actually come running into the living room when they hear the Turbo Jam music or hear Tony Horton’s voice.  Of course they don’t make it through the entire DVD or do all the moves correctly but they make an attempt.  Other days they choose to hang out in the playroom.  I will admit some mornings things don’t go as planned or the kids need extra attention that morning.  One those days I work out during their nap time.  Exercise has become part of my daily routine and I honestly enjoy it. I have more energy and that sets the tone for my entire day.  I am amazed at how many more items I cross off my to-do list when I make time to exercise.


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