Bedtime Stories

A couple of months ago my husband went out-of-town for a two-week training class.  He tried to give me some sob story about being alone in the hotel room, forced to eat out everyday, and studying for long hours.  I will admit it I didn’t give him much sympathy because I was 8 months pregnant at the time and would at home with our three boys.  A quiet hotel with room service sounded like heaven to me.  The boys tested me to see what they could get away with while Daddy was out-of-town.  I found myself watching the clock in the evenings hoping it was time to put the boys to bed because I was exhausted.  It wasn’t long before I came up with a plan to make my life easier.

The boys normal bedtime is 8:30 and the three of them share a room.  Every night we read a bedtime story but my oldest son is getting to the age where he likes to read to himself.  The younger boys love to pretend they are reading as they flip through the pages of a book.  They also like to copy everything their big brother does.  So then it hit me.  Why not give all the boys a book to read by themselves before they go to bed?  I started putting their pj’s on at 7:45, read one story aloud to them, put each of them in their bed and handed them each a book to read alone.  Even my youngest at 18 months gets a book to read in his crib.  I would then leave the room and then come back 30 minutes later to tuck them in and turn off of the lights.  It was amazing how much easier it was to get them to go to sleep.  Instead of saying it is time for bed which would then start all the whining, I simply said it is time to go read and they would all run to their room without complaining. My youngest even wants to read before nap time. I got an extra 30 minutes to myself and they were developing a deeper love of reading.  But that is not even the best part…the boys are reading the actual books that I had as a child.  I must take this time to thank my Mother for saving all my Dr. Seuss, Berenstain Bears, and Disney books.  It brings me great joy to see my kids reading books that have worn out pages and crayon markings that I made as a child.


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  1. Harmony
    Jan 22, 2011 @ 19:08:19

    Aww, that’s AWESOME! You’re such a great mom Marisa! I really admire how you manage your family of 4 children. I think I’ll try this with Preston!


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