Bust your Mood

 I will be the first to admit the days are always busy having 4 kids at home so I am very thankful that my husband has three days off.  Monday is usually my day to volunteer at the school, run errands, and buy groceries while he watches the kids.  We  were gone all weekend so the daily chores were neglected but my husband wanted to rearrange the garage to make room for some new cabinets.   Needless to say we were in disagreement over whose chores needed to be done first.  I desperately wanted to keep my normal Monday routine and he wanted me to hurry home so he could work in the garage.    Well, the kids must have picked up on our frustration because yesterday was totally hectic.  Actually I think I would describe it now as a day that nothing went right. My husband and I worked out a compromise.  I took the baby to run errands with me and he kept two of the boys at home while our oldest was at school.  It wasn’t my first choice but at least I was still able to get things done.  I got a little annoyed which then started to bring on the bad mood. Fast forward a couple of hours things were quickly going downhill.  The boys were hyper and chasing each other around the house.   My 20 month old tripped and hit the coffee table nose first.  This caused a bloody nose and a busted lip.  Of course this still didn’t slow them down.  Ten minutes later the playroom was a disaster.  Every toy dumped onto the floor. The kids were begging for a snack which then led to someone knocking over a cup resulting in spilled milk.  Just when I am ready to lose my mind my husband gets called into work. Plans have to change once again.  I am taking all the kids to karate, then coming home to cook dinner, help with homework, and get them all ready for bed. I realize these things happen and I need to be flexible but it wasn’t helping my bad mood.  I kept watching the clock because bedtime could not arrive fast enough.

After a day like that it would be so easy to just sleep in then sit on the couch all day watching tv.  Sure that sounds relaxing but I would still be grumpy as I got further behind on everything.  What I needed to do was get moving because exercising will release hormones to change my mood.  It gives me a chance to do something for myself. I am concentrating on the physical exercise which provides a distraction from all the daily tasks. For that hour I am not worried about cooking, cleaning, or taking care of the kids.  When the work out is over I have more energy and feel stronger.  My muscles relax easing the tension and I no longer feel stressed. I am ready to face whatever comes my way. That makes me happy!

So what are you waiting for?  Find an exercise that you enjoy then make a commitment to do the work out.  That determination will help you accomplish so much more.


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