My Fit Test

As I mentioned in a previous post it is time for me to take a break from P90X.  However, I will not be taking a break from exercise.  I have started a new program called RevAbs.  The trainer in this series is Brett Hoebel.  Some of you may recognize the name from the current season of The Biggest Loser as he was one of their new trainers.  I have never watched any of the previous seasons so for me all 4 trainers were unknown.  I immediately liked the training styles of Brett Hoebel and Cara Castronova. Two of my boys are enrolled in Karate so the martial arts and boxing techniques were more familiar to me.  After a few weeks of watching the show I knew I wanted to try Brett’s at home program RevAbs. 

  The first step was to take measurements and complete the fit test.  The boys love to exercise so we made the fit test a family event.  The boys already knew how to do a lot of the moves from their karate warm-up.  They were very quick to tell me if I wasn’t doing something right and let me know if they were able to complete more reps than me.  I try not to laugh and just let them be my little personal trainers.  My Fit Test results from day 1:

Squat Hold- 1 minute and 30 seconds

Push ups in 30 seconds – 12

Jump Jacks in 30 seconds- 34

Plank Hold- 51 seconds

Cobra Hold- 1 minute 10 seconds

Crunches in 30 seconds- 25

Leg Drops in 60 seconds- 12

Side Plank Hold- 30 seconds on right and left side

My core strength is my weakest link right now.  I am excited to see how RevAbs changes that.  I look forward to taking this fit test again on day 90 to see the difference.


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