Caution enter Playroom at your own risk

Since I have four kids I gave up on the idea of  keeping the playroom clean.   I let the kids play with all the toys as long as they keep them in their room, however, they must put everything away before bedtime.   I always remind them to pick up the small toys like legos or army men because it will hurt if they step on them.  Of course they always give me THE look that says whatever Mom! 

This afternoon the boys were playing quietly together.  The playroom was a disaster.  The drawer full of mega blocks was upside down and the army men were scattered on the floor.  I was cooking lunch when all of a sudden I heard my toddler start crying.  As I made my way to the playroom he was holding his bare foot pointing his finger at one particular army man and starting to cry louder. It was obvious that was the one he stepped on.   I quickly gave him a kiss and the tears stopped.  As I walked back into the kitchen I couldn’t stop laughing, in my head I was saying I told you so.   I know it really wasn’t funny.  Truth be told I figured I would be the one to step on the toys.  I wish I could tell you that they immediately learned their lesson and picked up all the little green guys.   Of course you already know that kids are stubborn so they are still playing with them scattered all over the floor.


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