Hello Summer

I loved living in Arizona.  I thought the desert was beautiful and I didn’t mind the heat.  Three years ago my husband got a job offer he couldn’t refuse and we moved to southern Oregon.  It took me awhile to get used to the weather.  I didn’t understand how the sun could hide for days even weeks.  I had forgotten that leaves actually changed color.   I was shocked that I could still be wearing a jacket in the middle of June. 

For a few weeks now I have seen my friends that live in Arizona post comments on facebook about the high temperatures or that they are enjoying the swimming pool.    I think I forgot how hot it is in the desert.    Today I was quickly reminded.  You see we still own a house in Phoenix.  I received an email from the property management company this morning.  It seems our tenants have called to inform them that the air conditioner is not working.   How fitting that this happens on June 21st…hello summer! 

I choose to look on the bright side.   It is a bummer that we will have an extra expense this month but I am thankful that we have  tenants that pay the rent on time.


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  1. Sharon Moms Madhouse
    Jun 21, 2011 @ 15:45:40

    Hey there fellow Valley of the sun person! I’m still stuck here in this God-forsaken desert with 108 today and 113 for the next two days. Remember when it hit 121?

    Born and raised here & you’d think I’d have found a way to escape, but oh no…..my husband and kids had to go and get comfortable here and tell me they’re never leaving. UGH! I’m so depressed….

    So it’s me, fans and a spray bottle until death 😦
    Sharon from voiceBoks


  2. marriedwchild
    Jun 22, 2011 @ 11:01:22

    Uggh ours in our own home needs fixing right now but like you said I must look on the bright side of things! Oregon sounds nice. In Fl it has been about 101 but humidity of 65% so I would actually trade that for AZ temps! Hmm is it the grass is always greener dilemma?


  3. Elizabeth
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 08:58:35

    Ug! I can relate Marisa! Our heater broke (on Dec. 31) and we spent the entire rest of the Winter w/out heat while I argued with our warrenty company. We used space heaters, and I got the distinct impression that the folks I was dealing with in Oklahoma had very little sympathy for Phoenicians w/out heat! But it WAS cold, we had two hard freezes – so bad that I only have about a dozen lemon buds on my tree out back – and the only thing that kept me warm was the white-hot ball of rage toward Liberty Home Protection! ANYHOO, we had the unit replaced, and $10,000 later, we are very cool and comfortable, just in time for the 113 degree day we had yesterday! 🙂 Gotta love climate control…


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