Confession: I might have skipped a few workouts.

As I have mentioned before, I am doing a round of P90X.  I started off strong.  During Phase 1, I was very faithful with the diet and never missed a work out.  But as many of you already know life gets busy.  I found it was easy to work out during the summer because my kids schedule was more flexible.  We didn’t have as many appointments and everything was more relaxed.  The first week of September was supposed to be my recovery week.  Don’t let the name fool you.  It does not mean a week without exercise.  You still have to do Yoga, Core Synergistics, and Kenpo.  But you do get a rest from the resistance training.

I sort of took the rest part too far.  As in I didn’t do any of the schedule workouts.  That was not my plan but I spent a weekend in Arizona to visit friends. Then when I got home my kids started school.  This of course changed up my whole schedule as we had to adjust our daily routine.  Just to make things more interesting all three boys got sick.  They needed more attention and I found myself buried in extra laundry.  I really don’t mean to sound like I am  making excuses.  That is not my intention.  As a mother of 4 children I have learned that life gets busy.  Sometimes my plans must change and that might interfere with my work out schedule.  I have to remind myself that just because I had to skip a work out doesn’t mean all my hard work is down the drain.  I had an “off” week that is okay.  I can do better this week.  The important thing is to keep training.

Tomorrow I begin week 10.  I am ready to bring it!  It is the final phase,  only  3 weeks left before this round is complete.  I can do this.  I will finish strong.


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  1. Christina
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 13:47:28

    Everyone has off weeks. Just the fact that you recognize it and are ready to jump right back in says a lot! You will do it – you will finish strong!


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