Mom, Where’s your car?

I had no idea that almost 11 years ago when I got married that I would lose the garage.   I thought it would have lots of tools but silly me thought I would still be able to park my car.   Over the years my husband inherited an old Willys Jeep, and a corvette.  Later he purchased a quad.  Then after the kids were born there were bikes and scooters.  At that point I had given up all hope of ever parking in the garage.  It didn’t seem like a big deal to me when we were in Arizona.  I could live with the heat.  But once we moved to Oregon, I didn’t like scraping the ice off my windshield or getting soaked while buckling 4 kids into their car seats on the rainy days. 

When we purchased our new house my husband assured me that I would once again be able to park in the garage.  I will be completely honest, I didn’t believe him.  Happy to say that he proved me wrong. 

 Funny thing is when my youngest boy woke up this morning he was very confused to see the driveway empty.  He knew dad drove the truck to work but he then asked me in a worried voice “Mom, where’s your car?”  After I stopped laughing I took him to the garage so he could see.  Poor child had no idea that the garage was where a car should be parked.  Needless to say I am one happy girl.


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