Extreme Makeover Lego Edition

I have a love hate relationship with Legos.  I appreciate the fact that they keep my kids entertained for hours.  I love that they use their imagination to build all kinds of things.   But I hate the mess when they are scattered all over the place and I really dislike finding them with my feet.  Some days I feel like my house has been taken over by  Legos.  After we moved into our new house it was obvious that we needed a new Lego station. The boys were using an air hockey table.  It was too big for their new room and with all the Legos spread out no one could play air hockey so it was wasted space.  I am not about to show you the madness underneath the table.

Thankfully one of my friends loves pinterest and she is always finding great ideas.  I was inspired by this post by I am Momma Hear me Roar.  Before I had a chance to change my mind I got all the kids to help me sort out the legos.  I am not going to lie. This process took  several hours and tested my patience.  I tried to look on the bright side so I reminded myself that my 20 month old and 3 year old were practicing their colors.  Once we got the legos sorted I still had to find the right dresser. As luck would have it  my husband found someone that was throwing away this cube.

This would fit so much better in the boys room.  I knew it was meant to be since this cube had 9 openings and we had 9 different colors of Legos.   After researching online I found some bins on Amazon that would fit  the 7 X 7 openings perfectly.  To make this find even better there was a used set of the bins for 10 dollars cheaper.

Last but not least the boys needed the perfect place to build.  They are constantly fighting over space.  Once again my friend found the perfect solution at That’s my Letter…a portable Lego tray.  My wonderful husband agreed to make trays for each of the boys.    We used Lego boards that we already had at home so the trays were inexpensive to make.

I am happy to report that the boys love their new Lego station.  They spend hours in their room playing.  There is no fighting since everyone has their own workspace with the Lego tray.  Now that everything is organized I think all those colorful bricks are pretty cool.

Wonder what the kids will build next?


Thousands of colorful bricks

As a Mom of 3 boys I have spent many hours with those colorful bricks known as Legos.  My boys never get tired of their Legos.  It came as no surprise that my boys wanted to go to Legoland.  Our first trip was two years ago when my boys were 2 and 5.  I was totally impressed with the park.  It was time for another family vacation in Southern California and we asked the boys if they wanted to go to Disneyland and they replied can we please go to Legoland.  Since we now I have four children and the youngest is only 4 months I was happy to postpone Disneyland and take them back to Legoland instead.  I must say that Legoland continues to impress me.

Yesterday we took just the 3 boys ages 7, 4, and 20 months.  It was by far the best experience at an amusement park.  I love how Legoland is kid friendly.  There is plenty of sitting areas and high chairs near all the food courts.  The bathrooms are big with multiple changing stations.  There is even a Mom center with a family bathroom, Legos for the kids to play with, and an area with rocking chairs for Moms that are nursing. I love that most of the rides have a play area with Legos  for the kids while the parents hold their place in lines.  But my favorite part is the Parent Swap.  For those that don’t know the Parent Swap is when you have multiple children and some are not tall enough for the ride at all or not able to ride alone.  If the entire family waits in line together you can tell the attendant that you want to do a Parent swap.  One parent rides with a child and then the other parent waits with child #2 and when they get back they swap places.  This way the parents don’t have to wait in the entire line again.  Since we had our 20 month old with us I have to say this made our trip so much better.  My husband and I were both able to enjoy the rides with the older children and no one felt left out.

Not only are my boys Lego fans but they are also Star Wars Fans.  At the end of the month Legoland is opening a new Star Wars miniland with 6 scenes from the movies.  We were  a little bummed that we would not be able to visit this new exhibit because our spring break was in the middle of the month.  Little did we know that yesterday a Star Wars Lego Mural was going to be created.  Each guest had the opportunity to contribute.  Like paint by numbers guests had to match bricks to color squares on Lego base plates.  They are expecting it to take 5 days to complete the 15 foot 7.5 foot tall mural. Our family was able to create 7 tiles for the mural.  It was an experience we will never forget.  My boys were very serious as they were matching their bricks. It will be fun to go back one day and see the completed mural. 

If you have Lego fans in your house I highly recommend Legoland.  It is great family place and you will make memories to cherish forever. If we lived closer I would definitely have an annual pass.  The Legoland website has a special right now where you can get a 5 day pass for the price of 1.  I have also seen coupons at Del Taco that are buy one adult admission and get one kid admission free.  The Lego club magazine also as a buy one adult get one kid free coupon this month.  Below are a few pictures taken while we were working on the Star Wars Mural.